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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

erectile dysfunction therapy Sexual health is an integral part of your overall wellness as you age. Countless scientific studies have shown the many benefits of a healthy and active love-life including; living longer, obtaining greater success in business and a greater overall well-being.

So we have made it our mission to help men and women of all ages experience the many positive benefits of sexual fulfillment by using innovative approaches such as Hormone Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Male Enhancement Programs:

GainsWAVE Therapy:

This is a remarkable, medically proven Male Enhancement treatment that uses pulse waves to give your harder, stronger, and longer lasting erections! And when combined with the Gains Enhancement treatment, it provides even more amazing results.

The Gains Enhancement®:

Two of our proprietary male enhancement treatments are the Gains Enhancement® and the Gains Enhancement Plus®. These unique treatments, developed by Dr. Gaines,  offer a unique approach using PRP and additional fillers. They are the only drug and surgery free treatments that increase length, girth, and erection quality without causing any pain or downtime.

The P-shot:

erectile dysfunction therapy This innovative procedure also uses the natural healing properties of PRP to stimulate growth and increase performance, size, and stamina. Despite the many benefits of the P-Shot, the Gains Enhancement remains a step above the P-shot thanks to the additional fillers, which creates long lasting results.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication:

For those men who prefer ED Medications, we offer a variety of combinations and delivery methods of erectile dysfunction medications. We provide Dr. Gaines’ own custom formula that incorporates Tri-Mix,  or other prescription oral ED Drugs, and last but not least, our own unique Gains Enhancement Quick Tabs.

Testosterone for Libido

Dr. Gaines has helped many men just like you achieve satisfying sexual relationships at any age, with Testosterone Therapy It has been proven to dramatically increase sex drive as well improve your performance. Since testosterone and sex drive has a direct connection it not only boosts testosterone receptors but also improves mental outlooks.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Another main feature of the P-shot is its’ ability to cure men diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease. Many men suffer from Peyronie’s disease, but they don’t have to just deal with it. Thanks to Dr. Gaines’ Peyronie’s treatment, they can maintain a healthy and active sex life once again, without surgery or drugs.

Sexual Health for Women:

For women, Dr. Gaines has 2 distinct ways to renew your sex drive and increase pleasure: The O-shot and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

erectile dysfunction therapy The O-shot:

The O-shot has been called the “new sexual revolution for women”. It uses Platelet Rich Plasma, which works to increase blood flow to the vaginal area. This results in smoother, healthier skin on the lips of the vagina, a tighter opening, increased natural lubrication, improved libido, reduced incontinence and provides an overall more youthful appearance.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy:

The second solution for female sexual health is BHRT.  BHRT can restore hormonal balances within the body, allowing women with menopausal symptoms to resume a normal lifestyle and healthier, happier relationships. HRT, in general, is one of our most effective treatments for sexual wellness and will invigorate every aspect of your life and your relationships.


Whether you’re seeking to restart or just improve your sex-life, we will tailor a sexual health program to your individual needs. That way, even your later years can be a special time to achieve the intense emotional and physical satisfaction that only comes from exploring the most sensual aspects of your relationships.

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