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Testing for allergies is a very important aspect of functional medicine. Understanding your intolerances and sensitivities is essential when making conscious lifestyle changes. Many of us are unaware of how allergies are affecting our skin, throat, & over-all wellness. Typically, people can go their entire lives without knowing they have a minor intolerance to things like lactose or gluten, yet once they cut them out of their diet entirely they'll experience a huge shift in their overall feeling of health. We here at Doctors Best Health conduct allergy screenings to discover if your health issues are related to a bodily reaction to an allergen substance. We can then begin to develop a plan for how to best manage your allergy symptoms along with a possible allergy treatment.  No need to have a handful of painful needles in your back, with a simple drawing of blood we can discover up to 90% of food allergen that your body reacts to. Our lab tests are done locally & highly accurate in results.  



Allergy vs. Intolerance

  • Allergies usually come on suddenly while intolerances can be gradual
  • A small amount of food can trigger an allergy & symptoms of intolerance may only happen when you eat a lot of the food.
  • Allergic reactions happen every time you eat the food & intolerance symptoms may only happen if you eat a lot of the food
  • Allergies can be life-threatening. Intolerances are not – primarily uncomfortable.


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