B12 Energy Injections

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b12 energy shots

 Are you moody, fatigued, or feeling overall weak? With age and stress, our bodies become more easily depleted of their energy sources. It is natural and normal but not necessarily unavoidable. Luckily for you, we offer a quick, simple injection filled with a vitamin supplement that will perk you up. B12 injections, in addition, will increase your metabolism aid you in your weight loss efforts. Not only will these shots provide you with an energy boost, but they also provide your body with a nutrient needed to help normal functions. These injections are performed by a certified physician & typically done on a monthly basis. Keeping up with a consistent regimen of these vitamin shots will be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Being that it is one of our most popular treatments we are able to provide them at a great deal. A package of 4 Vitamin B12 injections would typically cost you several hundred dollars while at our clinic we can provide them to you for the low cost of $99. 

Vitamin B 12 is an essential vitamin needed for metabolic and hormonal functions, it even controls functions like:

  • Memory
  • Forming Red blood cells
  • DNA/RNA Synthesis
  • Conversion of proteins and fats
  • Regular hormone production
  • Produce a coating around your nerves

Vitamin B12 Weight Loss

Adding b12 injections to your weight loss plan will help you metabolize faster and boost your exercise regimen with more energy, therefore resulting in more weight loss.

Injectable B12 vs. Oral b12

By injecting Vitamin B12 we can assure quicker and more effective absorbtion than if one was to consume the vitamin orally. By skipping over the gastrointestinal tract, your body will be able to process higher amounts of the vitamin that would have otherwise been lost throughout digestion.

If you think you need this quick energy boosting shot, call us today and see if this solution is right for you! Packages of 4 Vitamin B12 shots start as low as $99


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