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Best Sexual Health Treatments to Rejuvenate your Sex Life

Sexual Health Treatments are designed for men and women. With age comes experience and many other changes; however one change many struggle with is a decline in sexual wellness. Both men and women deal with it, however for different reasons.

For men, erectile dysfunction is rampant once they’ve hit age 50 or so; this can be due to a rapid reduction of testosterone, high blood pressure, obesity, the effects of smoking or many other factors. Also common in aging men is a loss of stamina, libido and ability to maintain a hard erection. Women also experience issues, typically during or after menopause. A lack of ability to produce lubrication naturally, a loss of libido, painful sex, and other issues can plague the aging female.

While these problems might be common, it doesn’t mean you should just give up and endure a life with little to no sex life or unenjoyable intercourse. There are plenty of treatments out there that don’t take surgery and help men and women find their “mojo” again.

Sexual Health Treatments for Men

Since men don’t have it easy once they’ve begun their gradual decline in testosterone, there are many options out there for rectifying ED and other sexual health issues. While surgery is an option that has proven effective, it often comes with painful recovery and a longer downtime. Imagine explaining your sexual health issues to your boss when you’re asking for time off for surgery? How awkward! The better plan is to go for something that won’t rearrange your schedule or keep you out of the game for too long.

There are better options:

Gainswave Therapy: This method is non-invasive and non-surgical; it employs pulse wave therapy to stimulate growth and regeneration of dead cells. It has proven effective at restoring sexual wellness to thousands of patients!

P-shot: Imagine if your own body held the answer to getting your virility back. The P-Shot actually does just that – it involves extracting the plasma from your blood, separating it from the white and red blood cells, and injecting back into your body. The healing proteins and growth factors help are injected back into your body, catalyzing new blood cell production and improving blood flow, an essential function for sexual health.

Testosterone Therapy: This is exactly what it sounds like; designed to reintroduce the testosterone your body has stopped making back into your body for increased virility and performance.

Sexual Health Treatments for Women

The O-shot: While some will assume that men are the only ones that need help with sexual performance in their older age, women know better. From lubrication problems to vaginal opening size to lowered libido and little to no orgasms, there’s plenty of room for improvement. At any age, women, like men, can use a little help. The O-Shot employs PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma from your blood to give it a smoother edge.

BioIdentical Hormone Therapy: When women’s hormones are deficient or imbalanced, this is the perfect way to rectify all the symptoms; this form of hormone replacement therapy replaces the hormones and the levels that are unique to your body and matches them, molecule by molecule. This identical matching of the hormone levels means your body will very likely not react negatively to the therapy, as it is the closest to your body; this means little to no side effects and an improved circulation and sexual wellness.