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Finding the Best Spider Vein Removal Clinic

When it comes to finding a clinic that performs the Spider Vein Removal procedure in South Florida, you’ll find they come a dime a dozen. However, if you’re considering undergoing the procedure, you should really be looking for the best spider vein removal clinic, not just any one.

The quality of the spider vein removal clinic you choose is very important due to the delicate nature of the procedure. Spider Vein Removal employs a form of therapy called sclerotherapy, where the physician injects the blood vessels of the patient with a salt solution that irritates the lining of the vessel, causing it to stick together, clot, turn to scar tissue, then fade. Because of these injections being administered directly into the blood vessels, it takes a steady hand and an experienced doctor who has extensive knowledge and practice on how to do it properly.

Not to be Taken Lightly: Importance of Choosing a Qualified Clinic

While spider vein removal is a non-surgical procedure that carries less risks than many other procedures, Sclerotherapy does have several possible complications if not done properly and in some cases, even if administered correctly: this includes itching, redness and bruising in or around the injection sites. Neovascularization, or the development of tiny new veins around the injection sites, the appearance of brown spots or lumpy, hard veins can all develop after the sclerotherapy sessions. There are even more serious side effects still, such as itching in or around the groin area, a sudden onset of a swollen leg or the formation of ulcers around the injection sites.

If your physician is not experienced and has not dealt with spider therapy enough, he or she may not understand what to do if these side effects take place. Also, administering too much or too little solution can heighten these side effects while an experienced clinic will be able to reduce the risk or eliminate the risk completely, due the professional, precise and proper administration of the injections.

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