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Unlock your genetic potential.

DNA Testing allows us to discover how our ancestry and genealogical makeup affect who we are today. Our unique composition determines so many factors of our overall health and wellbeing. Taking proactive steps will allow you to be one step ahead of potentially hereditary diseases and take any necessary action with our guidance. With our in-depth DNA test, we can create the ideal diet and exercise plan for you based on your specific ancestry and DNA makeup. We take a glance into the past to discover what strategic steps can be taken towards overcoming dispositions. With our test we can discover how your body will respond to different types of exercise, eating behavior, and nutritional needs. Our DNA testing goes way beyond ancestry & gives powerful insight to our clients & physicians on treatment by pinpointing a possible source of their conditions. Discovering predispositions early on can mean the difference between small lifestyle changes and having to undergo extensive treatments. 

Genetic Predispositions: "Be Proactive - Not Reactive."  


  • Diabetes  
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Response to Diet
  • Memory
  • Lifespan Potential
  • Hair Loss
  • Speed & Endurance

    Early discovery of your potential genetic mutations and predispositions could mean the difference between life and death for some of our patients. Awareness and proactive lifestyle changes will help us develop a strategy to defend you against potential life threatening diseases. 

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