Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

Erectile Dysfunction Therapy:

erectile dysfunction  Sexual health is a big part of overall wellness, especially as you age. Many scientific studies have proven the health benefits of an active and satisfying sex life including longer lives, more motivation and a competitive edge, lower stress levels, a lower risk for coronary disease and many others. However, the steady decline of testosterone in men above the age of 35 can often result in a loss of libido, a lack of ability to achieve an erection, difficulty keeping an erection and more. We believe every man should be able to perform at his best and not suffer from the tolls of testosterone decline or other factors. We offer an array of treatments, but for men who are in search of non-invasive programs that don’t require surgery or medication, we have options for erectile dysfunction therapy:

GainsWAVE Therapy:

This medically proven Male Enhancement treatment is a breakthrough method that eliminates the need for drugs or surgery. It uses pulse waves that stimulate blood flow and blood vessel repair. This means stronger, harder, longer lasting erections. When this method is combined with the Gains enhancement treatments, it shows drastic results in a faster amount of time.

The Gains Enhancement®:

This unique enhancement method offers a unique approach; it employs Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP as well as additional fillers to stimulate blood flow and to allow for longer lasting, stronger and harder erections. It improves stamina and overall performance using your own blood. The method involves a separation of the healing proteins and growth factors from the red and white blood cells in your own blood, so that the side effects are little to none. This is the only drug and surgery free method that increases length, girth, and erection quality without inflicting pain or causing any downtime.