Fat Transfer For Breast Augmentation

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For women looking to augment their breast size, the traditional option is usually breast augmentation. But there’s a lot to be worried about with this procedure. It’s a taxing surgery that takes weeks to recover from and carries a hefty price tag that could leave you in debt. Thankfully, traditional breast augmentation isn’t the only option; fat grafting or Autologous Fat Transfer is another, much less compromising option.


How does Autologous Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation Work?

In a nutshell, your doctor will use a thin tube to suction out fat cells from areas on your body where you have an excess of it. The fat usually comes from the stomach area or thigh area. After extraction, the fat cells are purified and prepped for re-injection; the cells are then injected back into the breasts via the tube. The entire process takes 2-4 hours.

Why Choose Autologous Fat Transfer Over Breast Aug?

  • The fat transfer has many advantages over traditional breast augmentation. First of all, breast augmentation takes weeks, sometimes even months to recover from fully. After a fat transfer, the recovery period is typically a matter of days. That means less downtime from work and from your daily life.
  • Autologous Fat Transfer also uses your body’s own fat cells to perk up your breasts and provide fuller results. The use of your body’s own fat means no chance of your body rejecting something foreign being introduced into it.
  • The use of your own body fat allows for more natural looking results.
  • This method offers minimal scarring, as the incisions are very small.
  • You kill two birds with one stone; removal of excess fat from areas where it is unwanted and add it to the area where it is wanted.
  • The risks associated with this procedure are much less serious than those associated with breast augmentation.

  • This cosmetic procedure is a great choice when you don’t have the budget for a major breast augmentation surgery, when you’re not looking for dramatic results (2 cup sizes or more) and when you’d prefer to avoid lengthy downtimes. The important thing is to find a certified professional who can perform the procedure safely and effectively.



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