Getting Rid of Facial Spider Veins

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As if having spider veins or varicose veins on your legs weren’t bad enough, you can also get them on your face. While bodily spider veins are an embarrassing problem as it is, facial spider veins are absolutely the worst, considering you can’t cover them up with pants, a long dress or hosiery. It’s a problem you just can’t hide. The smaller, fine threads that show up on the face are known as telangiectasias.

While sclerotherapy is the go-to process for removing varicose veins on the body, facial veins are typically much smaller and more delicate, requiring a specialized process. A new, groundbreaking technology known as the VeinWave is the recommended procedure to remove unsightly facial spider veins.

Why do I have Facial Spider Veins?

Healthy veins are there to carry the necessary blood flow back to the heart. When they become damaged, the blood flows back and settles in unwanted areas, such as the legs or the face. The veins become prominent or bulging, winding masses, or discolorations. They can swell and cause pain, many times leading to more serious health issues like ulcers and more. Your best bet is to remove them.

VeinWave Targets Smaller Veins

The Veinwave is an FDA approved technology, used around the world to eliminate red spots and spider veins on the legs, feet, and face; it can also be effective at removing signs of rosacea. It is a method proven effective on all skin complexions, as it does not remove pigmentation.

Laser and sclerotherapy are often ineffective at removing the fine veins around the nose and cheeks, as well as other areas of the face. Veinwave is specifically designed to target these smaller areas. It employs a much smaller device, a bristle tip that is the size of a hair, which is touched to the smaller veins that instantly shrink away. The skin around it is not harmed and it is quick, painless, minimally invasive and surgery free.

A large majority of people with spider veins on their face do not get it treated because they may believe there is no solution or that the procedures that are available are too intrusive. Veinwave is a disruptive new technology that allows quick, easy, painless and instant results that do not require anesthesia or downtime. At Doctors Best Health in Weston, Florida, the VeinWave can be administered by Dr. Val.