Ipamorelin Therapy

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Ipamorelin Therapy

 As you age, you will start noticing many changes. Some of those changes will include frustrating symptoms such as struggling to focus, retaining and building muscle mass, or keeping up with your lifestyle due to declining energy levels. If this is the case for you, our Ipamorelin Therapy program may help you restore your previous vitality.

Why Choose Ipamorelin Therapy?

Ipamorelin is a HGH or human growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP). Much like Semorelin, it stimulates the pituitary to release new growth hormone. This therapy offers similar benefits to HGH therapy, but more affordably.

Benefits of Ipamorelin Therapy:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Decrease in body fat
  • Boosted immune system
  • Quicker recovery time after an injury
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved motivation

Comparing Ipamorelin to HGH and other peptides

Ipamorelin is a peptide that signals the pituitary to produce more HGH. The actual HGH being produced and released is what it delivers to the body and what provides benefits.
The main difference between it and other peptides is that it doesn’t stimulate Gherlin, the hormone that causes the feeling of hunger. Furthermore, it does not stimulate cortisol and prolactin.

To begin your Ipamorelin therapy at Doctor’s Best Health, contact us to schedule the consultation. We’ll perform diagnostic testing and glean information from your consultation to determine if your hormones are low. If so, this therapy may be the right solution for you. The best part of our approach is our ultra personalized program development; we take your lifestyle, habits and body type into account to design a perfectly crafted program just for you. Call 954-659-9914



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