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Male Enhancement Programs

While the term male enhancement often evokes the thought of products that increase penis size, the truth is, there are plenty of other sexual performance issues men experience beyond just size. In addition to enhancing penis size, many men often experience the following due to the decline in testosterone they experience as they age: 

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of libido
  • Decreased stamina
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased ability to maintain erections
  • Other performance issues

At Doctors Best Health, we are committed to improving our patients’ overall wellness, including sexual wellness. Every man should enjoy a satisfying sex life, even after his biological peak. Beyond an enjoyable part of life, it is essential to having a well rounded scope of wellness. It’s not just our opinion; Studies have proven that men with a healthy, active sex life are at less risk of of coronary illness, have a tendency to be less large, and even live more, than those with a minimal to non-existant sex life.

Male Enhancement Treatments

The ShockWave Enhancement®

This method uses Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP to improve performance. It provides many of the benefits the P-Shot offers (increased size and performance) with longer lasting results. It’s a non-invasive alternative to painful surgery for men who wish to have a larger penis size.

ShockWave Pulsewave Therapy

This is an incredible, non-invasive therapy program that uses energy waves to stimulate blood flow to the penis. Men’s Health recently called this therapy “The New Viagra.” Used abroad, we are one of the main facilities to offer this momentous male improvement treatment here in the U.S. Even men with no performance issues were astonished at the improvement they saw after just one ShockWave treatment!

The Priapus Shot (P Shot)

The P-shot, otherwise called the Priapus Shot, was one of the principal male improvement procedures to utilize Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. PRP is produced using your own particular blood. Utilizing a centrifugal separation process, growth factors and healing proteins are separated from white and red blood cells, making PRP. Once integrated into the P-shot, the PRP stimulates development and repair of blood vessels, which prompts to longer, harder and more sustainable erections.

Picks up Enhancement® Quick Tabs

The Shock Enhancement® Quick Tabs are as their name implies; they work quickly! For any man in need of a quick boost, one of these fast acting, quickly dissolving tabs will help deliver stronger, harder and more sustainable erections, fast!