Medical Weight Loss For Men & Women

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Dr. Val's Medical Weight Loss Program- Get Started for $650

  • Fully comprehensive blood-work & thyroid screening
  • EKG & Body Composition Analysis
  • 1 month of HCG injections
  • 1 month of Appetite Suppressants
  • 14 month NO-INTEREST Financing Available

As we get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay in shape. The beers and burgers of our youth are somehow not being metabolized the way they used to be. We are too tired to exercise & begin to notice the pounds packing on, especially in our gut. In most instances, our bodies will gain weight due to typical hormone deficiencies & slower metabolisms, along with decreased levels of the HGH hormone. In some cases, a dysfunctional thyroid may be the culprit. At Doctor’s Best Health we are prepared to run multiple nutrient & hormone screenings to determine what your deficiencies are and develop a strategy to overcome them. No need for unhealthy fad-diets or “miracle” weight loss pills, as we have board certified bariatric physicians ready to assist you. If you have been diagnosed as significantly overweight or obese, yet are unable to lose the pounds, our medical weight loss program is right for you. We will customize the program to fit your individual needs so that you can make the lifestyle changes that will help you lose the pounds and maintain a healthy weight for your lifetime.

Have you continuously tried to lose weight on your own and see no results? Taking a medical approach to weight loss may be exactly what you need.

As a South Florida weight loss specialist, Dr. Manocchio treats problems that impede weight loss, enhancing metabolism by thyroid or adrenal function treatments. Doctors Best Health Center also helps manage all adjustable gastric banding systems. Our medical weight loss plans have helped patients with failed attempts at significant weight loss coming from almost every diet doctor in the South Florida area, every diet chain, and every diet protocol. We understand that all weight loss programs require strict adherence to the guidelines set forth. However, the close medical supervision and guidance we provide has proven to be invaluable


      Components of our medical weight loss program include:

      • Health Coaching 
      • Nutritional Counseling
      • Fitness Programs
      • HCG Diet Program
      • Appetite Suppressantsnts
      • Genetic Testing
      • Comprehensive Thyroid Screenings