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As we get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay in shape. The beers and burgers of our youth are somehow not being metabolized the way they used to be. We are too tired to exercise & begin to notice the pounds packing on, especially in our gut. As we age, in most instances, our bodies will gain weight due to typical hormone deficiencies & slower metabolisms, along with decreased levels of the HGH hormone. In some cases, a dysfunctional thyroid may be the culprit. At Doctor’s Best Health we are prepared to run multiple nutrient & hormone screenings to determine what your deficiencies are and develop a strategy to overcome them.

Our plans are not “one size fits all”, each medical weight loss plan is fully customized to needs of each patient. It is important to know that all intensive diets that consist of 1000 calories or less require supervision by a licensed medical professional. An intensive diet plan that consists of 500 to 800 calories a day can be dangerous without medical supervision. We would like to ensure our patients we have their best interests in mind. We will not put you in any type of harm through our supervised plans.

Our plans include health coaching, nutritional counseling, and personalized fitness programs to help you lose weight effectively. We monitor your metabolism and help keep you on track to maintain better lifestyle choices. We also used safe medical supplements to help suppress your hunger and provide nutrients to your body during your weight loss journey. If you are obese or have been diagnosed as morbidly overweight, a medical weight loss plan may be exactly what you need to shed the pounds. Our clinic specializes in providing plans and treatment for bariatric patients, so it is no surprise that our results work.

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