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When men reach the age of 35, their body begins the steady decline of a key hormone – testosterone. As a result, they often experience drops in energy and a decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and a feeling of reduced overall vitality, among many other symptoms. Many men struggle with this decline and often become frustrated. Time doesn’t improve this. This is where Testosterone Therapy treatment can help. This hormone therapy program has helped thousands of men recover the vitality they lost.  

What role does Testosterone Play?

Testosterone is absolutely essential in the male body. Beyond just serving as the male sex hormone, it is responsible for complete male development. Facial and body hair, a deeper voice, bigger muscles, etc -all the features humans associate with being masculine. It’s a hormone men need their entire lives.


What is Low-T?

Testosterone peaks in the late teens and remains at that level through the 20’s. Once a man hits age 30 and above, the steady decline begins. By 70, if no action is taken to reverse or slow this, a man can expect his testosterone levels to be at half of what they once were. Some men experience little to no effect, but for many others, the change is drastic and can be devastating. The decrease is often referred to as “Low-T” and is often referred to as “male menopause” or also known as “andropause.” Low-T decreases sex drive, leaves men with a feeling of: reduced virility,

  • Lower energy levels,
  • Loss of bone mass and muscle,
  • Changes in mood
  • Decrease in quality of sleep
  • Memory loss Doc 

How Does Testosterone Therapy Help?

Simply put, testosterone therapy restores the hormone levels in a man’s body, essentially turning back the clock to where they once were. The effects of replenishing your testosterone levels include:

An increase in energy levels
Improved mood
Increased libido
A boost in motivation
Increased ability to build muscle
Much more

A Safe Hormone Therapy Program

Testosterone therapy is a very safe procedure that only helps to benefit the patient. In recent years, there have been many major studies that concluded that this form of therapy does not increase the risk of prostate cancer any more than what the risk currently is in the general population. In addition, it does not increase risk of heart disease. Actually, the same studies have come to the conclusion that this hormone therapy helps to prevent heart attacks. Testosterone is perfectly safe for men looking to increase their vitality and overall quality of life.

Learn more about how testosterone therapy can help. Contact us today to restore your more virile, energetic, happy self!



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