The True Fountain of Youth: HGH Therapy

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From the age of the exploration all the way up to modern day, humans have been looking for a way to prolong youth and delay the inevitable onset of old age. Ponce de León was looking for a magical water source and nowadays, people tout creams, foods, surgeries, philosophies and so much more, as youth preserving products. But the answer to the question “what is the true fountain of youth?” lies in first examining what it is that makes us look and feel young. The answer is: the Human Growth Hormone.

What is the Human Growth Hormone?

HGH is the hormone your body produces that transforms you from child to adult. It also regulates and stimulates cell regeneration. HGH also builds bone strength, lean muscle, and keeps the balance between fat metabolism and muscle growth. Since it keeps our body regenerating new cells, it’s essentially what keeps us young; so while Ponce was out braving the wild swamplands of Florida to find a creek or spring, he had the answer in his body the whole time; but unfortunately for him, not the technology to control it.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy

What Ponce de León and anyone else seeking an eternal fountain that would preserve their youth was HGH Therapy. As we age, the level of this hormone begins to decline steadily and our body loses the ability to make new cells. This is when we start to see the visible signs of aging such as

  • Chronic fatige
  • Bone density and muscle mass loss
  • Slowed metabolism
  • Slowed recovery from illnesses and/or injuries
  • Lower libido and sexual wellness problems
  • Weight Gain (caused by slowed metabolism)
  • Lowered libido

Human Growth Hormone Therapy is a series of injections that give your body the HGH that biology and time have taken away, allowing your body to renew its ability to regenerate cells. Patients who undergo the therapy see significant improvements in their energy levels, cardiovascular functions, weight, libido and much more.

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