The Truth About PMS and Menopause

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Why the drug companies don’t want you to know about the true causes....

The Truth About Menopause , In most gynecology practices for the last 20 years, menstrual cycle complaints have been the most common reason for patient visits. The complaints typically include one or all of the following issues:

  • Heavy or Painful Periods
  • Irregular Bleeding
  • Cyclic Depression and Mood Changes (“PMS”)
  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
  • Breast Tenderness

All of these symptoms can occur in any woman before, during or after the menopause transition. Typically, doctors treat these symptoms by controlling the periods with birth control pills or synthetic hormone replacement pills. Modern studies have shown that use of these synthetic hormones increases the risk of breast cancer and blood clots that can lead to death. (Sources: Women’s Health Initiative Study, National Cancer Institute). Sometimes antidepressants are added to treat the mood symptoms.

Typically the dosages of the hormones given are more potent than the body’s normal natural production at that age and serve to suppress the body’s natural hormone output. The body then “runs” off the synthetic hormones in the medication. This achieves a temporary fake sense of balance to the body and improvement in symptoms for some patients, but at what long term cost? “Side effects” like headaches, nausea, skin changes, sexual problems, and weight gain!

Progesterone therapy:

Our approach is to accurately test the key hormone levels in your saliva during the times you are most symptomatic. The vast majority of the time, a deficiency in progesterone is revealed. Yes, most women, even in early menopause, have the same absolute levels of estrogens that they had when they were cycling. The symptoms they are feeling are most likely due to an age, or stress-related reduction in progesterone levels that balance the estrogens they are producing. Progesterone is not found in any birth control pill or in the most popular hormone replacement pills or patches. By replacing the lost progesterone and other deficient hormones, natural balance is restored. This often results in resolution of symptoms without side effects. Levels can be rechecked to ensure balance is maintained.

Abnormal periods and menopausal symptoms should never be written off as “normal aging”. With the right testing, we can find the specific cause and customize the therapy to each individual person.

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