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Priapus Shot

Priapus Shot

The Priapus Shot ( P-Shot)

For men looking for an alternative to the often painful male enhancement procedure, The P-Shot is a great choice. It offers non-invasive, drug-free option that improves performance and increases the size of the penis.

For results in increased duration, strength and sustainability of male erections, the Priapus Shot may be the solution for you.

What is the Priapus Shot (P-Shot)?

Named after the Greek god of virility, the P-Shot is a painless penis injection that has been proven to treat erectile dysfunction. While other forms of treatment include creams, pills or other procedures, the P-Shot will deliver results that last. It is one of the only non-surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction that will increase size, improve performance, all while being administered pain-free.

Why Choose the P-Shot?

The P-Shot was designed to rectify this and allow men at any age to enjoy healthy sex lives. While anyone can benefit from this treatment, it’s the men who have lost erectile function who benefit most. Many times, these men include those who are Peyronie’s Disease patients, those who have dealt with side effects from prescription drugs, hypertension or diabetes patients, or men with prostate problems.

For patients who have tried other treatments or pills, like Viagra, to no avail, the Priapus Shot may very well be the answer.

The P-Shot, short for Priapus Shot, was one of the first male enhancement treatments to use Platelet Rich Plasma also known as PRP – plasma made from one’s own blood. Plasma is made up of growth factors and healing proteins that are separated from the red and white blood cells using a centrifugal process. Once separated, these proteins and factors are integrated into the P-Shot which then stimulates the growth and the repair of blood vessels.

Benefits of the P-Shot

  • Increased penis size
  • Erections that are longer, firmer and more sustainable.
  • Increase in sexual stamina
  • Increases pleasure
  • Decreases premature ejaculation
  • May Improves confidence in your performance

Speak with experts at Doctor’s Best Health today to see if the Priapus Shot is right for you.

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