Cocomint Cream Pudding & Shake Mix

by Doctors Best Health

If you want a dessert that offers the delicious taste of chocolate with the fresh taste of mint then you can opt forthe Cocomint Cream Pudding & Shake Mix. This is a healthy low fat alternative to the traditional deserts that you can eat when you have a craving for something sweet.

No matter how determined you are to follow a healthy weight loss diet it can be difficult to remove chocolate completelyif it is something which you have enjoyed your entire life. And with the Cocomint Cream Pudding & Shake Mix you can enjoy chocolate without the guilt of knowing that you are eating something with high fat levels.

It is diabetic and bariatric friendly, gluten and wheat free, suitable for vegetarians and kosher certified. The protein level is high which means that you can use it as a source of fuel for your next workout.

So if you have been searching for something delicious that you can count on to take care of your sweet cravings then try out the Cocomint Cream Pudding & Shake Mix.