Cocomint Cream Pudding & Shake Mix - Aspartame Free

by Doctors Best Health
Enjoy the refreshing taste of mint and chocolate combined in our delicious Cocomint Cream Pudding & Shake Mix. With only 100 calories and 15g of quality protein per serving, you'll be snacking smart. Along with being a low calorie/high protein product, each serving also has 24 fundamental vitamins and minerals; making it a great meal replacement. Now made aspartame free for those looking to avoid artificial sweeteners containing this ingredient. The consistency of each packet varies depending on the amount of liquid added to the mix, giving you the option of a thick and creamy pudding or a quick, smooth shake. Snack on a pudding after dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth one day and relish the silkiness of a shake that will fuel your body after a workout the next!