Crunch O's BBQ Protein Chips (6 bags)

by Doctors Best Health

When out and about the Crunch O's BBQ Flavor is a great snack because it doesn’t bloat your stomach, but does give you an energy boost which can quench your hunger until your next meal. You can have it at any time of the day and because of the pack size, it is of a portable nature.

We have created this snack to be weight loss friendly and as a result, it contains only 3.5g of fat. With such a low fat count you can eat it on a daily basis and still be able to meet your weight loss targets without any problems.

The tasty nature of the snack will add a certain amount of variety to your diet, which in turn will aid you in steering clear of junk food. Buy a few packs and see how great the flavor of our Crunch O's BBQ Flavor snacks really are