Mocha Cream Pudding & Shake Mix

by Doctors Best Health

For a refreshing and tasty dessert that has a low fat content try out our Mocha Cream Pudding & Shake Mix. It has a pleasant chocolaty taste with a small touch of coffee for a unique blend of sweetness and sophistication.

With 24 vitamins and minerals it is one of the healthier mixes on the market, and with its high protein levels it is certainly a mix that you can depend on for the energy that you need to get you through the day.

For those of you that like chocolate and coffee then this dessert is one that you are sure to take a liking to right away. It is so tasty that you will be recommending it to all of your friends regardless if they are on a diet or not.

If you are after one of the more popular coffee mixes out there then Mocha Cream Pudding & Shake Mix is the one to go for.