Strawberry Cream Pudding & Shake Mix

by Doctors Best Health

If you enjoy strawberry desserts then the Strawberry Cream Pudding & Shake Mix is the right mix for you. It has a sweet satisfying taste that makes for a perfect fruit based treat. Discarding things like strawberry ice cream from your diet can be difficult if it’s something that you really enjoy, but with a substitute such as this it is much easier to do so.

It can act as a meal replacement due to how filling it is or you can enjoy it as a snack between meals. It’s perfect for those for you that lead an active lifestyle due to its high protein levels. This is certainly one tasty dessert that also gives you the energy boost that you need to take part in your weight loss workouts.

So try it out and you may find that this healthy mix will add the variety to your diet that you need in order from giving in to your cravings.